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Sensory Research

From our custom designed Sensory Lab we measure multisensory touchpoints to understand the total consumer experience; enabling our clients to optimise their product development process. Our experienced, trained and representative panellists quantitatively determine the sensory attributes of products and packaging.

When it comes to testing your product there are many effective ways of going about it. But if you have a product that requires tasting or smelling, Innovate Solutions delves deeper into what your target consumers are thinking and feeling.

Through the use of sensory research, you can utilize the five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch – to uncover consumer insights. Allowing consumers to use their senses to test and observe your product can give you much deeper and more useful actionable insights into how your product compares to the competition and overall consumer satisfaction. Benchmarking provides you with an in-depth review of sensory analysis and consumer preferences which will help you determine what attributes are driving consumer acceptance in a category.

Sensory Research Solutions

  • New Product Development Optimisation
  • Benchmarking and Category reviews
  • Sensory Profiling
  • Blind Taste Testing
  • Sensory Packaging Preference
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