Consumer Panellist FAQs

What kind of participants are you looking for?

Since we carry out a very wide variety of research projects, we need all types of people on our register, and welcome people of all age groups, genders, ethnicities, shopping habits and taste preferences. 

When do the taste panels take place?

Our in-house taste panels normally take place within weekday working hours, but from time to time we do host evening panels. We often schedule lunchtime panels to accommodate working people in the locality. Homeuse trials involve using the product at home, as part of your normal daily routine, so in that case we would post you the product and request that you complete the online questionnaire using the link provided. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up here, on the registration page. Why not send the link to a friend, that you think could be interested? 

How does it work?

Once you are on our panellist register and a relevant project is underway, we will contact you via phone or email to invite to take part. You may have to first complete a screening survey either online or over the phone, to assess whether you are the right person for the sample group. If you pass the screener questionnaire, we will email you a confirmation email containing all the necessary details for your attendance. We ask that you briefly respond to this email to confirm your participation. 2-3 days before the test day we will send you a final text reminder.  

What is required of me the day of the taste panel/focus group?

All that is required of you on panel days is that you arrive on time for your slot, sign the virtual attendance sheet and the health declaration and follow the instructions carefully during the sensory test.  For focus groups, we encourage you to actively express your opinions, which will be recorded in a non-judgemental manner.  

Upon completing the screening survey, why was I not selected for the panel?

It is our job to make sure that the most relevant people for the project are the ones who take part. Depending on your answers to certain questions, you may not be eligible for that specific project. But don’t be discouraged, there will always be something that’s relevant to you! 

What happens if I need to cancel?

We understand that of course there can be unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness, that may require you to cancel. However, we ask that you let us know as early as you possibly can to give us the time to arrange a replacement panellist. Obviously, absence will result in non-payment.  

Where do the sensory tests take place?

Our sensory lab is based at Second Floor, 6 South William Street, Dublin 2. Just ring the buzzer on the ground floor and we will let you in! 

Is parking available?

Because we are in the heart of Dublin city centre, we don’t have any private parking facilities, so we recommend that you take public transport or walk/cycle if you are within the local area.   

How will I be paid?

Payment will be in the form of a Perx Rewards Prepaid Mastercards® which can be spent using swipe & sign in almost any store or online. For home use trials, we normally post the Perx cards to your home address, so in that case they will have to be activated using the email address that you provided, as is explained on the envelope containing the card itself 

How do you select the panellists?

It is our job to find the panellists the meet the specific criteria, set by our client. Clients decide on these criteria, based on their defined target audience/marketThis means that you might not always be suitable for a project. We also strive to give everybody on our register a fair chance to participate, as opposed to repeatedly selecting the same people.  We will invite you to panel as often as we can, considering these two main factors.  

Can I participate if I have specific dietary requirements or allergies?

Specific dietary requirements or allergies will not affect your chances of being selected apanellist, where those specific ingredients aren’t contained within the sample product. It is important that you make these facts known to us, so that we can take every precaution to make sure that you are safe.   

What kinds of products will I be tasting?

We primarily assess food and beverage products, of all varieties, as well as cosmetics, and domestic products such atoiletries and cleaning products. 

Will I know in advance what I will be tasting?

Once you have passed the screening process, we usually inform you of the general product type. However, we usually will not disclose the exact nature of the sample products to you until youarrival for the taste panel. This is to prevent bias and undue product expectations.  

Can I fail the taste panels?

We are investigating consumer perceptions and preferences, so we emphasize that there are no wrong answers, and it is exactly your personal opinion/perception that we are looking for.   

What should I do if I have any more questions or uncertainties?

Our offices are manned from 9-5.30pm every weekday so please do not hesitate to contact us via phone call (01 7079856) or email ([email protected]), if you have any other queries. CHOCOLATE PRODUCT SURVEY SCREENER