Research Techniques

Research Techniques

Online Research

Online research is particularly useful when trying to reach large target audiences quickly and efficiently. Custom questionnaires are created for each project, including images and over 30 different question types. Client supported competitions can receive up to 1000+ responses. Our large database can be segmented to suit our clients regional requirements.

Home Use Testing (HUT)

Home Use Tests (HUT) provide feedback from a more natural and authentic consumer experience. Tests can be run over a number of days or weeks to highlight peaks or troughs in levels of consumer acceptance. HUT feedback is via our customised online questionnaires.

Sensory Panel Recruitment

We provide panellist screening, assessment, recruitment and training for both internal and external product assessment panels.

Special Requirements?

No two projects are the same. If you have specific projects or research requirements we can provide a cost effective customised solution, which avoids the limitations of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We enjoy projects that are challenging, different and require an alternative approach. Please get in touch with us to discuss any special projects in more detail.