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Food Consumer Research and Sensory Testing, is about much more than the ‘What’

The ‘What’ may be product performance relative to the competition, for existing products or NPD samples: What packaging, branding or presentation is preferred by the consumer? What are the consumer’s key satisfaction or purchase criteria? What do consumers like or dislike about a product?

Getting to ‘What’ is the easy bit
The Why and How are more difficult

Why do consumers like (or dislike) a product? Is it the taste, the texture? Is it the packaging, branding or even the colours? Why means accurately interpreting consumer and sensory feedback and identifying ways products can be enhanced, changed, improved and made more appealing.

What makes us different?

  1. Connecting directly with consumers,food manufacturers, suppliers and retailers
  2. Customised Consumer Sensory Services
  3. Hands on Food Product Development experience
  4. We identify the WHAT, WHY and HOW of consumers perceptions
  5. Online Surveys, In-House & In Home (Fully Managed Home Usage Trials)
  6. Sensory Profiling: 80 Trained Sensory Panellists Nationwide and 15,000+ consumer database

Find Out More About Our Services

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