80% failure rate of new products means it is more important than ever to engage in rigorous consumer taste testing to ensure brands are successful and not ‘one hit wonders’

  • Consumers report feeling relaxed and at ease when testing products at home
  • Leading Irish food and drinks sensory testing company, Innovate Solutions’ trusted Home User Testing service can be customized to test any product, from food and beverages to dog food and beauty items

Almost 90% of Irish consumers are happy to test food and drinks at home as an alternative to traditional supermarket taste testing, according to research undertaken by Ireland’s leading food and drinks sensory and consumer research company, Innovate Solutions, which offers Home User Testing to businesses seeking to gain key insights on their target consumers’ tastes. To discuss your requirements contact [email protected] 

Innovate Solutions surveyed over 2,000 Irish consumers and found that the vast majority responded that they are willing to test consumer products sent to their homes, as it is a convenient, positive user experience.

Consumers feel at ease in their own homes when testing and can sample products and answer questionnaires about the products at a time that suits them. If consumers are feeling relaxed in their own homes, they are more likely to give more accurate and detailed responses.

Speaking about Innovate Solutions’ Home User Testing Service, Business Development Director, Aidan Murphy said: “Home User Testing has increased in significance in food and product testing and is transforming how businesses connect with their consumers. Covid-19 forced businesses to adapt how they gain insights on their consumers taste preferences, with Innovate Solutions’ Home User Testing service proving a game-changing alternative to supermarket in store testing.”

“Businesses who have chosen our Home User Testing service have reaped the benefits of its versatility and affordability, proving that it is a testing trend that is here to stay. Our ground-breaking Home User Testing service can be used to test a wide-range of products from supermarket staples to dog food and perfumes and other beauty items, proving how it’s a no-brainer for businesses looking to gain invaluable insights and in-depth data on their target consumers’ likes and dislikes.”

As there is an 80% failure rate with new product launches within the first 24-months**, Aidan added that it is more important than ever for businesses to avail of rigorous product testing services, like Home User Testing.

“Given that there are so many start-ups and more mature businesses developing new products, rigorous consumer taste testing should be conducted before approaching buyers in the major multiples. Through technology investment and excellent project management expertise, Innovate Solutions offers very cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to gain critical insights that will help them build a brand instead of a one hit wonder.”

Home User Testing is particularly beneficial for food and drinks companies, who have been impacted by how they connect with their consumers changing tastes, as traditional supermarket taste testing came to a halt last year due to changed in-store circumstances that occurred as a result of the pandemic. Some of these changing tastes include a drive towards buying more Irish products and a taste preference for sugar-free products to be just as palatable as sugar counterparts, as well an increasing trend in consumers cooking their own meals at home, all of which point to a shift in preferences as a result of Covid with people trying to support Irish more, eating healthier and cooking at home more.

In line with this consumer trend, Innovate Solutions provides businesses with a comprehensive and competitively priced Home User Testing Service. Innovate Solutions’ large database of over 22,000+ consumer panellists nationwide means that it can easily recruit the right consumers to test products according to a specific target market. Consumers are then screened to ensure the right consumer is selected for each project.

For more information on Innovate Solutions’ Home User Testing, food sensory and consumer insights visit InnovateSolutions.ie

Innovate Solutions’ service means it identifies and recruits consumers, sends products to be tested to consumers’ homes, distributes consumer surveys and compiles detailed insights reports for businesses to learn more about their target consumers’ tastes, likes and dislikes.

Data collection is a key feature of Home User Testing. Innovate Solutions’ data collection services are fully compliant to ensure that the data collected from target consumers is to the highest standard. Consumer responses from Home User Testing are received in real-time and include the date and time adding to the service’s credibility.

Consumers are given clear instructions for all required testing tasks at home. There is even an option to provide businesses with video footage of consumers using the products during the testing process.

The Dublin-based company’s highly experienced project managers work with businesses to create questionnaires that are tailored to their products’ unique research needs and goals.

*Innovate Solutions surveyed Irish consumers and found that the majority responded that they are very happy to test food products sent to their homes as it is a convenient, positive user experience.

**According to Nielsen research there is an 80pc failure rate for new product launches in the first 12 to 24 months

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