Insights from Parents about Kids Food Products 

In November we carried out an online survey on parents attitudes to kids food products and worked with our partners Myinsightsontime ( to gain insights into their attitudes and shopping habits for kids food products.

An online quantitative survey of 21 questions was distributed via email to our panel during November to 303 Irish female consumers across the country. The survey was active for 12 days and the total number of complete responses was 188. MyInsightsOnTime ran an Online Focus Group on their private platform in November 2020 with 19 women from our trusted panel from across Ireland. Contact [email protected] for additional information

5 Key Stats From Parents About Kids Food Products

78% of parents said that the package indicating it was a healthy kids product motivated them to buy a new product

63% of parents will try a new kids’ food product if there’s an offer

73% of parents say Low Sugar or Low Salt is the number one influence on kids’ product purchase

52% of parents are concerned about media advertisements of unhealthy food & drink products to kids

Only 9% of parents buy purely branded kids’ products

5 Key Insights From Parents About Kids Food Products 

Packaging on Kids’ Food Products

“I tend to buy kids’ products on promotion. Sustainable packaging and suitable size for lunch box are important. The flavour is the most important factor, directly followed by the nutritional value of the food.”

Trying New Kids’ Food Products

“If they offer a money off coupon, they always work to get me to try new products. Maybe bundling it with another child friendly product in the supermarket. If it is with something else they eat, they may be more inclined to try the new thing.”

What Influences Kids’ Food Product Purchase

“The main factor is if they will eat it or not. If I find a new product that I think they might like I mention it a few times before I buy it so it doesn’t seem brand new. I try to buy what is healthy and also good value. If I get a voucher for a free product or money off I will buy it to try it and hopefully get a new food that is liked which I can add to the list of what the kids will eat.”

Food Brands Advertising to Kids

“I understand they have to do it for marketing but yes some of them annoy me as it can lead to pester power from the kiddos! It would be beneficial if the ad clearly stated what a portion size should be and how many teaspoons of sugar are in it. In clear language for the children.”

Own Label vs Branded Kids’ Products

“I used to buy mostly branded but now I am not fussy. As long as there is not a major difference with content, then I don’t mind. A lot of products are from the same supplier and are just rebranded.”

Key Recommendations for Brands

Offers are a big driver of parents adopting new kids’ products, so look at opportunities to create vouchers to encourage parents to try your product.

Transition to eco packaging – modern mothers are tired of single use plastic, especially when it comes to single kids portions! Sustainable packaging will make your product more favourable.

Seek to reduce the sugar content of your kids’ product and/or replace with natural sugars as this is a key choice factor for parents. Make sure this is also highlighted on the packaging.

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