Are you wondering how you’ll access target consumers to test your products on during these challenging times?

Innovate Solutions’ complete-home product testing service selects target consumers, sends the products to consumers, manages the surveys and compiles detailed insights reports for you to learn more about your target consumers’ tastes, likes and dislikes.

Home User Testing means consumers test products from the relaxed environment of their own homes. From recruiting target consumers to gathering and collating in-depth data reports, Innovate Solutions does all the sensory data collection groundwork, so you don’t have to.

Read the five simple steps involved in our fast and affordable Home User Testing service:

  1. Recruitment

Our database of over 22,000+ consumer panelists nationwide means that we can easily recruit consumers for your target market ,who can test your product from the comfort of their own homes.

We can also guarantee that the consumers most suitable to your product are chosen to participate in our trials. Consumers are screened to ensure we select the most appropriate consumer for each project to ensure you receive the most in-depth and accurate results.

  1. Data Collection

Data collection is a top priority at Innovate Solutions. Our data collection services are fully compliant to ensure that the data collected from your target consumers is of the highest standard and quality. Consumer responses from Home User Testing are received in real-time and include the date and time, which means our home user testing is extremely reliable and credible.

  1. Product Sample Collection & Delivery

Innovate Solutions is here to support you and provides full logistic support for all projects and product testing trials. We collect your products or they can be sent directly to our warehouse. We can pack, label and send the products to your target consumers’ homes where they are then tested.

  1. Research approach

Our highly experienced project managers work with you to create questionnaires that are tailored to your products’ unique research needs and goals.

We ensure that selected consumers are given clear instructions for all required testing tasks at home. We also have the option to provide you with video footage of product usage during the testing process.

  1. Reports

We pride ourselves on providing, fast and accurate reporting of Home-User Testing results to you. Our reports are detailed and comprehensive to ensure you receive all the results you need to inform your sensory research.


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