GEN Z: How to make food that Gen Z will crave  – ‘A flavour combination in a new format’

Today Gen Z are challenging companies to the core.    Understanding the key trends of Gen Z behaviour is key to understanding how they will respond to new food products.

They are very quick to separate “fake” from “authentic.” They have a strong focus on quality and authenticity and they are not easily swayed by marketing.

They are well-informed, socially conscious and savvy enough to know which companies care about their consumers and the impact their products have on society and the environment. Only 36% of 13 to 21 years-olds say they have a strong connection or loyalty to any brands and 64% reported wanting to try and product or service before they buy it.

In terms of taste Generation Z is looking for bold flavour profiles and extreme sensations from authentic flavour combinations.  This has been described as a ‘flavour combination in a new format’ for marketers.  Even more strikingly Generation Z are looking for personalisation and view food as an expression of who they are.  This could be a reflection of the instagrammable world we live in where food has become and extension of Gen Z social behaviour and social media activity.

Making the food that Gen Z will crave requires significant primary research and sensory profiling.  Testing preferences for different formulations is key to achieving the correct Gen Z ‘flavour combination’.  This is important for new product development in addition to new options in existing product lines.   Have you got the right combination for Gen Z?


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