5 Key Insights On Buying Irish

5 Key Trends On Buying Irish Products

Following on from our food trends research during Covid-19 we worked with our partners MyInsightsOnTime to discover your views on the topic of buying Irish products.

A 25 question survey was distributed to a select group of Irish consumers directly via email. The survey was live for 3 days and generated 207 complete responses. An online focus group then ran with 30 women to drill down into those stats on buying Irish.

5 Key Stats On Buying Irish Products From Our Online Survey

1. While SuperValu, Dunnes, Lidl and Aldi tie in terms of where Irish female consumers buy Irish food products, SuperValu is voted the place to buy the best Irish food products (34%)
2. The top reason for purchasing Irish food products is the desire to support Irish producers (42%)
3. More than half (52%) of respondents feel Irish products are the same price as international food products
4. 41% say that seasonality and lack of availability of Irish products prevent them from buying more
5. Tayto topped the poll as the most instantly recognisable Irish food brand (43%)

Online Focus Group Insights On Buying Irish Products

Labelling of Irish Provenance

“The Guaranteed Irish and the Bord Bia approved logos are ones I see most often. If there are 2 products beside each other and one is obviously Irish I will pick that one. I look at the receipt too to see what proportion of my shop was Irish products”.

Pricing of Irish Food Products

“I would perceive Irish produce to be slightly more expensive however I am willing to pay for Irish products to support local jobs and for the good quality”.

Why Women Buy Irish

“When it comes to meat and dairy, we have some of the best in the entire world, so support of these is an easy choice. As long as we support home grown and produced, the more jobs and security and independence our country has. With what has happened recently it hits home even more the fact that we need to be reliant on ourselves in many ways”.

What Would Encourage Women To Purchase Irish Food

“Definitely knowing it is truly Irish (from farm to fork). I think more marketing and product placement and labelling for Irish products – sometimes in store it’s not obvious products are in fact Irish”.

Where Women Buy Irish

“I find I really have to search for Irish fruit and vegetables in Tesco, easier to find in SuperValu. I usually get Keelings berries and Irish apples when available. I get my fish from a local fish shop. I find Irish meat easy to buy in the supermarkets or butchers”.

Key Recommendations for Brands & Businesses

People will tolerate slightly higher cost for Irish provenance so don’t be afraid of your product cost being competitive. It’s all about perception!

Ensure your Irish provenance stands out, put being Irish front and centre on your packaging and online presence. Irish scheme membership is also an extra plus for consumers.

How can you maximise your opportunity to reach Irish consumers? Are your products where they shop?

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