How Is Your Brand Performing?

5 Key Insights About Brands and Quality

This month we worked with our partners Myinsightsontime ( to gain insights on the topic of grocery brands and perceptions of quality.

To gather these insights we distributed a 20 question survey to a select group of 100 Irish consumers directly via email. Over 2 days it generated 82 complete responses. Myinsightsontime then ran an online focus group with 30 women from across Ireland on their private platform.

5 Key Stats On Grocery Brands and Quality

1. 62% say that Taste is the biggest influence on their perception of brand quality
2. 35% of people rank ‘Great taste’ as the top most important quality of a food brand
3. 63% are willing to pay more for certain brands
4. 88% of parents say the family all eat the same food brands
5. 62% have or would consider going to a brand’s website/social to leave a comment about a product

5 Key Insights And Feedback From The Focus Group- Get the FREE Report here

Top Qualities

Taste is definitely top of the list, then I would go for Irish if possible but otherwise it’s down to the ingredients and then value for money. My top 3 qualities would be taste, wholesome ingredients and Irish/local.”

Brand Perception

“I love trying new brands and products (especially food!). I would consider buying without tasting/trying at the moment and I don’t think that I would take a sample from a supermarket in the current situation.”

Price and Brand Choice
“I’d pay more for certain name brands, i.e. mayonnaise has to be Hellmans and beans has to be Batchelors. For most other things I buy the store’s own brand.”

Family Brand Habits

“I buy Glenisk kids yoghurts for the children, it’s an Irish brand and the portion size is just right. I also buy Tesco mini breadstick packets and TUC snack packs for them.”

Feedback on Products
“I would probably review a product if there was an incentive like a competition or free coupon to review the product.”

Key Recommendations for Brands

 With taste topping the list of people’s perceptions of brand quality, ensure you have done your consumer taste tests before launching a product. And if a product is underperforming, then reformulating and doing further taste tests may help refine the offering and make for better sales.

 With 52% of shoppers saying their children eat the same brands, there is an opportunity within the healthy snacks category to target these buyers with, e.g. a smaller pack size of your product for children or as a snack size for lunchboxes.

 People will pay more for and remain loyal to key brands once they know and love them, so think about what opportunities you can create for people to try your product to incentivise repeat purchase.
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