GEN Z: How to make food that Gen Z will crave  – ‘A flavour combination in a new format’

Today Gen Z are challenging companies to the core.    Understanding the key trends of Gen Z behaviour is key to understanding how they will respond to new food products. They are very quick to separate “fake” from “authentic.” They have a strong focus on quality and authenticity and they are not easily swayed by marketing. … Read more

When you launch a new product it is more likely to fail than to succeed. How muti-sensory testing can enable success.

According to Nielsen research over 80% of products fail after launch. The odds it would seem are stacked against any brand launching a new product. So what are food innovators getting wrong? “People don’t always tell the truth; people don’t think how they feel and people don’t always do what they say.” A neuroscientist once … Read more

Real food tastes better and sells more

How can marketers ensure they have the recipe for success? Have you seen Burger King’s new advertising campaign of the Mouldy Whopper? This stunningly disruptive advertising campaign has at its heart a desire to bring consumers back to a safe place where they know that freshest ingredients are being used during preparation. In the commercial, rather … Read more