90% of Irish consumers happy to test food at home as an alternative to traditional supermarket ‘in-store tastings’

80% failure rate of new products means it is more important than ever to engage in rigorous consumer taste testing to ensure brands are successful and not ‘one hit wonders’** Consumers report feeling relaxed and at ease when testing products at home Leading Irish food and drinks sensory testing company, Innovate Solutions’ trusted Home User … Read more

How, Where and Why Consumers are Buying Irish?

This month’s Insights report is all about the topic of buying Irish. We wanted to understand how, where and why consumers buy Irish. We have identified 5 key trends from consumers on purchasing and trying Irish food products. To gather this we ran an online survey and partnered with ParentsandBrands (https://www.parentsandbrands.com) who ran an online … Read more

Are you wondering how you’ll access target consumers to test your products on during these challenging times?

Innovate Solutions’ complete-home product testing service selects target consumers, sends the products to consumers, manages the surveys and compiles detailed insights reports for you to learn more about your target consumers’ tastes, likes and dislikes. Home User Testing means consumers test products from the relaxed environment of their own homes. From recruiting target consumers to … Read more

Home is where the Heart is

Cooking at home

In February we carried out an online survey on the topic of food trends arising from COVID and worked with our partners ParentsandBrands.com (https://www.parentsandbrands.com) to gain insights into what has changed in the past 12 months. An online quantitative survey of 19 questions was distributed via email during February 2021 to 393 Irish consumers across … Read more

Insights from Parents about Kids Food Products 

In November we carried out an online survey on parents attitudes to kids food products and worked with our partners Myinsightsontime (https://www.myinsightsontime.com) to gain insights into their attitudes and shopping habits for kids food products. An online quantitative survey of 21 questions was distributed via email to our panel during November to 303 Irish female … Read more